The secret to a successful vet practice is its people.   Recruitment of the right fit of doctors and staffers is mission critical.   There are two major things to consider when you are building a team. 

  1. What kind of employee do you want?
  2. What makes your practice one that good people want to join?

To the first point, at Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital, we have a formal list of criteria for prospective employees.  They must obviously have the right education and certification.  They must meet the specific requirements of the job as defined by OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration):  And there is even IQ to consider (although we define smarts as being resourceful more than book smart).

But there are also “soft” skills we look for.  Traits like temperament, manners, team-player attitude and engagement with both people as well as animals.   Some of this is derived through first-person interaction.  But we also use the Wonderlic test, which measures aptitude and personality traits as well as intelligence.  Learn more at:

And we also consider what we don’t require, which is a certain type of look or style.  We have a diverse staff, comprised of people of differing races, nationality, sexual orientation, political affiliation and personal style.   And this diversity is a contributing factor to our welcoming and friendly, accepting reputation.

Secondly, remember that the best candidates have options—and you need to be able to make a case for why they should work with you over a competitive practice.  Consider the following points-of-difference for your practice as an employer:

  1. Competitive salary.
  2. Benefits package, specifically health insurance.
  3. Care coverage for employee’s pets.
  4. Flexibility of schedules (for both doctors and staff).
  5. Growth path
  6. Education and certification
  7. Environment
  8. Recognition
  9. Social
  10. Connection to success

We rarely recruit in a formal sense and we have not had to use third-party “head hunters” to fill our positions.   We rely on word of mouth, friends of friends and referrals from patients.   And we always keep the door open for inquiries and applications/resumes.    Even if you have no openings, it is considerate to offer, under the employment section of your website. 

Investment in a formal interview and hire process will yield a loyal and long-term staff with less turnover and greater harmony.  



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